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Social Courage AT WOrk



Begin to:

Advocate for yourself without fear

build connections based on mutual respect

Navigate conflict with strength

Feel Energized by Collaboration

Show up as your authentic self

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A five-month cycle of
courageous change

This five-month coaching program builds interpersonal confidence and is shaped by evidence-based research and 1,500+ hours of working directly with clients like you.

 Features include:

  • 10+ hours of live programming

  • Twice monthly coaching

  • Skill-building activities

  • Companion workbook with curated reflections & exercises

  • Optional: Opportunities to practice with others in a small, safe setting

Do You...

  • Run (far) away from conflict?

  • Have trouble asking for help?

  • Struggle with managing up?

  • Sacrifice your boundaries to please others?

  • Rely on external validation to feel confident?

  • Ruminate after meetings?

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then, the social courage program is designed for you

Month 1:

Re-discover yourself - your needs, values, story and what you want to be known for

Month 2:
finding peace with your INNER CRITIC

Identify your unique social self-doubt patterns, including your limiting beliefs and inner critic’s voice


Explore how to engage with yourself and others from a place of curiosity, generosity and empathy

month 4:

Learn relationship and conflict management skills to support you with stepping into Social Courage and start to gently push yourself out of your comfort zone with leadership presence


Develop a long-term plan for sustaining your Social Courage and strategies for how to manage hurdles along the way


My name is Meredith Benedict

It's wonderful to meet you and I hope to be a part of your courageous journey.

My coaching practice Sonder Coaching [sonder = the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own] provides leadership coaching for career transformation. I'm an ICF-certified (PCC) Leadership Coach with 1,500+ hours of coaching experience with 300+ clients and extensive training in relational dynamics and emotional intelligence. My 18+ year career encompasses product and marketing leadership roles at Fortune 50 companies (including Meta/Facebook) and startups. I also have an MBA from the University of California-Berkeley.


Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with social self-doubt, and the worst of it was in the workplace. My strategy for managing this was to attempt to hide it during the workday and be completely depleted by night. This cycle lasted for years and, superficially, it paid off. I graduated from a top business school, landed jobs at prestigious companies and excelled in performance reviews. But, underneath, I was exhausted.


On the verge of burnout, I embarked on a self-discovery journey to understand, manage and transform my social self-doubt. By being vulnerable and acknowledging it as a part of myself, I’ve released myself from the shame I was feeling. I feel lighter, less self-critical and out of my head.


My mission is to help others who are struggling with similar challenges.

what my clients say about working with me:

Jason, Customer Success Director

"Meredith continues to be my trusted coach on my career/life journey. Her insightful, savvy approach has been invaluable in knowing myself on a deeper level; empowering me to lead my career/life with intention. Once we partnered to gain greater clarity on my values/purpose, and developed an action plan to live them, I moved with confidence and quickly landed an opportunity aligned with that space. Meredith is authentic, empathic, and fully present – she cares deeply about her work and seeing her clients self-actualize."

Laura, VP of Marketing

"Meredith has been my coach for over a year and maybe the best investment I've made in my career in several years. Her approach is so kind, thoughtful and aware, giving me the structure I needed to think through what felt like an overwhelming situation. It's a relationship I hope to have for many, many years to come. If you've gotten this far, know that this is probably a sign for you to reach out and see how she may be able to help YOU."

Christina, Data Scientist

"I have been very lucky to know Meredith and have her as my Career and Leadership Coach for almost a year. Meredith really helps me navigate through some of my biggest challenges with my career, and I benefit greatly from having her guide me to better understand myself and others through her empathy and coaching tools. I always feel empowered after the coaching sessions to take action rooted in a clear & intentional choice. Coaching with Meredith is more than just mitigating challenges or resolving a specific question, but more like helping me to explore and to shape who I am and who I want to be in a mindful, inspiring and encouraging way."

Take a courageous step

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