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"Meredith has been my coach for just under 6 months and maybe the best investment I've made in my career in several years.

Meredith's approach is so kind, thoughtful and aware, giving me the structure I needed to think through what felt like an overwhelming situation. It's a relationship I hope to have for many, many years to come. If you've gotten this far, know that this is probably a sign for you to reach out and see how she may be able to help YOU."

- Laura, VP of Marketing

"Meredith continues to be my trusted coach on my career/life journey. Her insightful, savvy approach has been invaluable in knowing myself on a deeper level; empowering me to lead my career/life with intention.


Once we partnered to gain greater clarity on my values/purpose, and developed an action plan to live them, I moved with confidence and quickly landed an opportunity aligned with that space. Meredith is authentic, empathic, and fully present – she cares deeply about her work and seeing her clients self-actualize."

- Jason, Director of Customer Success & Research

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