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What is coaching? 


Coaching is a practice rooted in driving awareness of your present experience in order to shape a resonant future. Coaching does not involve analysis of your past for analysis sake. The past is brought in only if it builds deeper awareness of the present. Coaching is not therapy, consulting, or mentoring.

As a coach, I come into our sessions with a core belief that you already have all the answers to your questions. It is simply my job to guide you to these answers. You will be on center stage in our sessions and we will work together to define what you want and need at your core in order to live a life of meaning and joy. Shoulds, have tos, need tos and musts are challenged and altered to wants, longings, and can’t live withouts.


What can I expect from a session? 


Our sessions will be centered around you and your goals. I’ll use intentional questions and exercises to explore how to bring more values-aligned activities to your life. My style is supportive and challenging but not directive. All of the answers will come from within you. There will be homework between sessions to solidify the learnings and growth. 


How many sessions before change happens? 


Change is never guaranteed but is more likely to take place with dedicated and sustained effort. My coaching packages include 3 and 6-month intervals to support this sustained effort.


Will we meet in person or online? 


All of our sessions will be remote and can be done via phone or video-conference. 


How do I know if you’re the right coach for me? 


Choosing a coach is a very personal choice and ultimately is best assessed through meeting me. Schedule your free 15 minute consult today to see if I’m a good fit.

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