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Welcome. Let's build your best career together.

About Me

My name is Meredith Benedict and I'm an ICF-certified and Co-Active Institute-trained Leadership Coach. I built a 18+ year career in marketing and product leadership roles at Fortune 50 companies. I'm passionate about interpersonal dynamics and nonviolent communications and regularly incorporate these tools in my coaching practice.

Coaching Services.

Career Coaching.

The crossroads we face in our careers can be daunting, especially when we face them alone. Whether you want to define what’s next in your career, advocate for better work-life balance, or navigate difficult work relationships, I’ll support you to:

  • Recognize Patterns: Unearth the patterns in your life that are leading to either satisfaction or frustration at work

  • Build your pitch: Write the story of who you want to become in your career


  • Work/life fit: Define what needs you have at work to build more work/life alignment


  • Hold yourself accountable: Create personalized systems that motivate you to meet your goals


I've observed that most great career moments come after times of reflection and self-discovery. Let’s work together to create more great moments in your career.

Emotional Awareness Coaching.

Sometimes we feel out of sync with the people around us, whether it’s at work or with our family, friends, and romantic partners. I have hundreds of hours of training in interpersonal dynamics and emotional awareness and can support you to:

  • Build sense of self: Enrich your awareness of your feelings, needs, and what belonging means to you

  • Understand others: Build empathy and awareness of others’ experiences


  • Self-advocacy: Create strategies for asking for what you need in relationships


  • Do the doing: Shape tangible goals around an often intangible topic

I have personally witnessed the power of this work in bridging divides and interrupting old, stuck patterns in relationships. Let’s work together to build more fulfilling connections in your life.

Outline of Mountains

“If each of us can change how we look at ourselves, that becomes the basis for a culture of people who don't give up on themselves or on each other.”

Pema Chodron

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